“Words can’t even describe how much Jennifer has helped me. I had no hope for life. I was so depressed. I’ve had so many therapists that I feel have wasted my time and money. I have never met any therapist like Jennifer. She’s very understanding, easy to talk to, and does not judge you. She has a unique way of handling situations and you will gain more of yourself every single time you walk out of her door. I am now doing better than ever. I have a better quality of life, I know who I am, I know how to stay strong in difficult situations, and finally, I have inner happiness. This never would have happened if I did not have her help and guidance.”

Nashville, TN

“I am so thankful that Jennifer Edwards was the person who answered the telephone when I called her former employer (Stewart Beavers Institute) office to arrange for counseling. I am a transgender woman and had decided to transition after 64 years of living as a man. I had lied to myself and everyone I knew, hiding so much of myself from everyone and pretending to be the person society and everyone who knew me expected me to be because of the biological sex organs I was born with.
Starting with that initial phone conversation I felt an immediate connection to the young lady on the other end of the phone line. There was something in her voice that portrayed a feeling of caring and concern for my well-being I rarely experienced . I felt that same concern during my first counseling session with Jennifer, a feeling of sincerity which only intensified with each successive counseling session.
Over the course of several years of therapy with Jennifer I have successfully allowed the woman I’ve always known I was on the inside to blossom on the outside. Jennifer’s unique ability to draw out so much of what I kept hidden from everyone including myself has allowed me to experience a happiness and joy that never before existed in my life, where before only bitterness and sadness existed. The most amazing thing about my sessions with Jennifer is that she was able to guide me to discover my true self without pushing her opinion on me or suggesting what or why I felt as I did. She truly has an amazing ability to guide her patients on a journey of self discovery with a level of compassion and understanding rarely demonstrated anywhere, while still maintaining a professional therapist client relationship.
Jennifer has counseled and guided me through my entire transition, starting with understanding my true self, preparation for the start of Hormone Replacement Therapy, guidance and help with family and friends issues of acceptance and understanding and my preparation for Gender Reassignment Surgery. I will continue to see Jennifer as I continue to grow and experience all the beauty life now has to offer me, unfortunately much less frequently (I have moved to Florida), and greatly respect and value her expertise.
I cannot express my gratitude enough for having had the opportunity to meet and work with Jennifer on my journey through life. She is truly one of the most compassionate, caring individuals I have ever had the pleasure of associating with and is definitely one of God’s beautiful creatures.”

Glasgow, KY